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Read the Following Steps to Get Started:

Step 1: Download and install Article Marketing Robot here: ArticleMarketingRobot_Setup.2003.msi (Release Notes) ArticleMarketingRobot_Setup.2002.msi (Release Notes) ArticleMarketingRobot_Setup.2001.msi (Release Notes) ArticleMarketingRobot_Setup.2000.msi (Release Notes) ArticleMarketingRobot_Setup.1107.msi (Release Notes)


* NOTE * This is a .MSI file. This file works like an executable, and will install Article Marketing Robot on to your computer.

Step 2: Open the file by either clicking Run or double clicking it.

Step 3: Install the program. You will see screens like the one below:



Step 4: Run Article Marketing Robot:



Step 5 : Enter your Unlock Code:


Step 6: Scrape and Import Article Directories (Video):

Watch this Video to learn how to Scrape and Import to Add Sites to the Site List!



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