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Captcha Sniper Review and Discount


I LOVE you, CAPTCHA, but I must say goodbye -

If I could sit at my keyboard and type those painful squigly lines of text "just for fun" all day long, I would.

If I enjoyed paying other people to do it, then I'd pay them.

And I did.

Until Now.

First, being the developer of AMR, I go through THOUSANDS of captchas, resulting in HUNDREDS of dollars in captcha costs (Yes, hundreds). Also, I know for a fact that many MANY of my users also SPEND hundreds of dollars in captcha costs.

If not in a month, then maybe in six months or even a year.

Funding these captcha cracking accounts, especially for me during times of testing and more testing, is, well, necessary.

Who wants to sit at their computer entering codes when you can get them for 2 bux per 1000? Right?

Well, it makes sense. I would rather outsource the captcha cracking and pay for that.


Not any more.

Let me introduce you to a revolutionary NEW product called Captcha Sniper.

Being the owner and developer of AMR, I watch Article Marketing Robot do signups and see the Captcha Sniper (CS) intercept the images before they make it over to decaptcher. -- AND solve them.


Now keep in mind that NOT all captchas are supported in this product. At least, not yet, but also remember how much you have spent in the past solving captchas.

If you watch the video above, or just take my word for it, Captcha Sniper is obviously a major breakthrough in image recognition technology.

Really, I'm trying hard to ramble on about how great it is in order to please master G, but it's like this - CS intercepts the captcha feed to decaptcher (it MUST be decaptcher at this point) and does it's best to solve it. If you set your system to, let's say, DBC, then CS won't intercept it.

The reality is that it won't solve every captcha simply because OCR doesn't, or can't facilitate it.. or does it? I would say, at least not yet, and, well I don't know, but Mikey at Captcha Sniper is working hard at it. What I do know is that the captchas that AMR does feed it - are remarkebly solved, and very quickly.

You can see that in the video above.

Ok, so now instead of me re-writing every sentence and trying to drive convincing information to you, I will say this.

If you spend a lot of money on captcha services, then this product is for you.

I have nothing more to say.

Except this - I have a discount.

If you go straight to the captchasniper website ( you will see the price currently set at $97.

I have a discount - $20 off the price - A price of $77.

All you need to do is use the button below, and I assure it works.

This is not a cash grab, and is truely genuine.

I honestly believe that the price will go up, and with this discount probably won't last.

Yup, here is the buy button:

Buy Now


Now, DO NOT BE ALARMED. The button WILL NOT take you to the Captcha Sniper home page, but the transaction will still complete.

The checkout page will look like this:

After that you will be directed to the Captcha Sniper thank you page where you can receive further instruction on how to gain access to your product.

Thank you for checking out this review - I hope it was helpful to you :)

Vince Severson


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